Here’s the answer for a similar configuration: I can plug in the 4G SD card directly into the Vostro and it works. Since this is the 2nd “failed” drive, see if you can see if the drive connector is loose inside, or pull it out and re-seat it and test. What is the status of the drive in the Device Manager? Still the problem is not resolved.

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Dell Vostro SDHC Driver |

The bottom allows a quick adjustment of the hardware through various maintenance slots. Beats me what was wrong. From tune-up and network-assistant tools to an easy online-backup solution, using the Vostro is like having a tiny IT guy inside your system. I’ve installed the drivers off the Dell site, and it appears in the Device Manager. Discussion threads can be closed at drll time at our discretion.

If this is a USB card reader, you might also verify that your USB hub or whatever is functioning correctly by using another device. The measured values combined with the dim display makes the Dell Vostro usable outdoors. This could sometimes be noticed sell text as well.


Try it on another computer.

Dell Vostro 1400

Sometimes Windows needs a couple of reboots to fully enable driver updates or other changes. They often don’t burn out like a light bulb but just can’t do the higher wavelengths. The tested notebook contained a x pixel WXGA displaywith a dim surface.

Vostro showing only lines Hello all, it is with great sadness that I compose this post from my mother’s computer. It appears to be made by Ricoh.

Video Output Graphics Processor. Includes a pre-loaded image of select Microsoft Office suites. The use of high quality parts was definitely valuable. The surface of the compact case feels agreeablewhich is mainly due to the material choice for the surface parts magnesium and aluminum. The chat to a technician feature is worth looking at, not sure if they cover Vostro’s though – you need to enter your service tag number first to find out.

Optical drives are notorious for sudden failure.

This configuration currently costs about Make sure your card is working. It seemed much more coherent than the Vostrowhich is a bit clumsy in comparison. Sdch a closing system with a security latch wasn’t implementedthe Vostro should be transported with care, to avoid small objects entering the room between body and screen.


Temperature The maximal measured surface temperature was surprisingly at the upper side of the notebook. This holds also del for the lid, which has a slight clamshell look.

Try uninstalling and deleting the drivers from within device manager. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Does it show working correctly or is there an error showing, such as Vosgro 39 a common one.

Dell Vostro built-in SD card reader missing – Super User

Here is the new drivers. I did some more digging and found the SD Host Controller was running on an old Microsoft driver from The keyboard looks identical to the Dell Vostroso it is likely that the same part has been used. However, depending on their use, the location of the audio connections at the front might not be optimal. Dynamic Video Memory Technology 4.